Workshop Menschenrechte – Rückmeldung aus Szczecin

Anna, Europäische Freiwillige bei unserer Partnerorganisation POLITES in Szczecin hat am Workshop Menschenrechte teilgenommen und ihre Erlebnisse zusammengefasst:

On 10 and 11 November we had a great opportunity to take part in a Human Rights workshop in Greifswald, Germany, organised by STRAZE Kultur- und Initiativenhaus Greifswald e.V.

This workshop was the part of the Menschlichkeit project – events about human rights. You can find more information about it here: This weekend was also the launching meeting for the Strategic European Voluntary Service in Erasmus+ of our hosts.

During the workshop we shared our experiences about human rights in our countries and our workplaces. There were around 20 people from different countries that’s why we had a chance to learn a lot. We also had theatrical activities which is an interesting way to deal with human rights topics. We could get to know better our hosting organisation and their plans.

Our accomodation was in a special place: on a yacht LOVIS which will be a good memory for us. It was a real adventure to be there! In the evening the team cooked together and played guitar, sang and talked. There was a good atmosphere. To sum up we are grateful that we were invited.