What is verquer.?

A short summary of who and what verquer. is.  More information is only available in German.


We are a team of about 25 people, that are committed to a global perspective and more justice. I. e. to a world, where exploitation and discrimination aren’t normal.
We work on this goal e.g. with our project days and weeks with school classes and groups, on our radio project VeRa, or at summer camps and our youth meet ups. Who contributes how much and when depends on many factors; to ensure that we can work long term and that we are available we have, beside many voluntarily committed people, also an office team with four permanent employees and participants of the Federal Volunteers Service and European Solidarity Corps.

Since 2011 Verquer organizes educational and informational events.

We position ourselves for
… Global justice without exploitation,
… Human rights and a diverse cooperative life without discrimination and racism,
… Sustainable use of resources,
… A democratic and solidaric cooperation.
We are located in Greifswald at the STRAZE, a place for education, culture, and civic engagement.


The world is faced with big challenges: climate change, resource exploitation, social inequality…

The Verquer’s events and projects encourage:

… To widen one’s own view to a global perspective and incorporate that in the struggle for justice,

… To question global power structures and to point out uneven opportunities,

… To form one’s own opinion and to stand up for it.

… To move away from learned thinking patterns

… To imagine social changes and to shape together the processes of change both locally and globally,

… To organize oneself with others and to work in solidarity


Project days in schools

We regularly work with kids and teenagers at schools to put complex subject of global (in-)justice in simpler terms. Here we go to schools with the aim to introduce new topics in an understandable, yet not a belittling way. Our methods are interactive and promote reflection processes, as well as help the participants discover their own values and world views. And of course, we also like to have fun with our participants.

Leisure time offers for children

For children and youth we offer activities and opportunities to spend time with friends, or to make new ones. Kids can meet once a week for three hours and participate in DIY projects and games on different topics. We also offer summer camps for teenagers where we learn about the world and how we can influence it in a positive way. You’ll find activities both educational and fun at our leisure time projects.

verquer. Radio (VeRa)

Our radio team is aimed at spreading information on topics of global injustice and civic engagement. Every month we prepare a 30 minute recording on a specific theme, that you may hear on local radio in the vicinity of Greifswald on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month. We are a small team that is always happy to accept new volunteers, and we hope to reach as many people as possible with our project.

Repair Café

Why throw away when you can repair? A lot of appliances and gadgets are thrown away after breaking down, even if they could be easily fixed. At this workshop everyone can bring their broken devices, be it smartphones, kettles or speakers, to be repaired together with volunteers. Every other Monday from 4 to 7 pm you can take a step towards a more sustainable life by repairing your broken things with us. If it is confirmed that your device is beyond repair you can donate it for spare parts so that our volunteers may use it in the future. We also welcome those who have the time and skill to help us repairing things.


Here is our printing workshop. For the small price of $0 (€0) you can learn the printing process and get first hand experience. Every Thursday at 4 – 6 pm at Stralsunder Straße 10 you can come and leave a mark on your t-shirt, bag, or poster. Do you have your own idea for a poster? Or do you just want a place to sit and draw in piece? All your drawing and printing needs are met here.

Further education for professionals

We strongly believe that learning never stops. This is why we organize regular events and workshops on topics like anti-discrimination, global justice and other for people to explore and discuss. Here we invite people with experience to share their thoughts and opinions about a given subject at our meeting, and learn something both from us and from other participants.